Meet the Team

“The Caterpillar does all the work but the Butterfly gets all the publicity”

–George Carlin

The Denturist Team

Each team member is highly self-motivated and prides themselves on being part of the successes of a cohesive team, often exceeding our patients’ expectations.

Thank you cards for denture services

As the clinician treating patients directly, I receive all the kind words, homemade preserves, cookies and thank you cards. I really appreciate the kind gestures and take them all to heart. I acknowledge the effort that people put forward to show their gratitude for their new smiles and I am humbled by it. I even share (some) of the cookies with the team who make me look good everyday.

Patients may not recognize that part of my success is due to my dedicated and loyal team who work so diligently alongside me, with loyalty, compassion and humour.

Each team member is highly self-motivated and prides themselves on being part of the successes of a cohesive team, often exceeding our patients’ expectations.

Allow me to introduce you to my amazing team

I have known each one of them in one way or another for decades and I am proud they have joined me at my Nancy Tomkins Denturist Clinic in Brantford.

Teresa Catherwood

Office Manager/Receptionist

We first met in October 1985 when I was the denture technologist for a large dental practice in Paris, and Teresa was the amazingly happy receptionist. In 1997 I opened my own denture clinic on Charing Cross Street in Brantford and I asked Teresa to join me. Her smile and laughter are contagious.

Teresa Catherwood - Office Manager/ Dental Receptionist

Dedicated and trustworthy, she always has a smile on her face and is recognized wherever she goes in Paris and Brantford. Teresa is a very active member of St. James Church in Paris, enjoys golfing, gardening and you will hear her singing to the tunes playing on the radio, she is known affectionately by our patients as ‘the singing receptionist’.

Laughing Becomes Easier With New Dentures

Krista Cooper

Certified Dental Assistant

I first met Krista in 1996 while I was doing consulting work in a dental office in Brantford. This bubbly, bright-eyed young woman who loved to laugh impressed me and we soon became friends. Laughing at each other for admitting that we are self-diagnosed germaphobes who love music and like to dance.

Krista Cooper, Certified Dental Assistant

Krista has been a certified Dental Assistant since 1995. She is also a certified Treatment Coordinator, who has worked in different aspects of dentistry. She has worked in general practices, orthodontics and now in dentures and dental implants. Krista is the clinic’s Infection Prevention Officer working diligently to maintain high sterilization and asepsis standards. She enjoys attending educational seminars and training sessions to learn about the new techniques and products that are introduced to the market each year.

In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with her children, dogs and cats. She is close to her parents and loves to learn new things. Krista recently enrolled in healthy cooking classes, becoming aware of healthy living and loving it!

Marie Jenkinson

Certified BPS® Denture Technician

Marie Jenkinson, Certified BPS® denture technician

Marie’s vast knowledge of high-end denture laboratory procedures and in particular the Ivocap® injection moulding processing system makes her invaluable in the denture laboratory. For this reason, she is known in the denturist community as the Ivocap® Queen.
Marie is skilled in all aspects of denture fabrication and makes it possible to offer to our patients’ same day denture repairs and relines.

Marie is an avid golfer, speed reader, music enthusiast and has a good sense of humour. She is active in her church and reluctantly plays in the garden with those pesty weeds.

Are You Interested in Same Day Denture Repairs?

Sandra Goergen

Certified Dental Technologist, BPS® Master Denture Technician

I met Sandra during a BPS® Masters denture course in July 2001 and since April 2004 she calls Canada home. Sandra’s unique skills are known throughout many countries and unlike other technologists, you will often find Sandra in the treatment room with Cliff or myself discussing treatment procedures with our patients. She brings her vast skills chairside which allows for a predictable, successful outcome.

Sandra enjoys curling, the outdoors, especially during the winter and is a great cook. She loves dogs and is often seen hiking and walking with our rescue dog Spencer.

Sandra Goergen, Certified Dental Technologist, Master BPS™ Denture Technician

Sandra was born and educated in Germany. In 1990 she graduated from the school of dental technology and dental technical training in Hamburg. In 1999 Sandra moved to Liechtenstein to work for Ivoclar Vivadent, one of the worlds most respected and largest dental manufacturing and education facility. At Ivoclar Vivadent’s International Centre for Dental Education (ICDE) Sandra was a BPS® Master technical consultant, field technical specialist and the primary instructor for the BPS® denture program.

Part of her responsibilities included travelling extensively through Europe, Asia and North America to conduct field educational programs to denturists, dentists, and technicians. She has trained hundreds of dentists, dental technicians and denturists in the advanced denture fabrication technique BPS®.

Cliff Muzylowsky

Registered Denturist

I have known Cliff since 1988. A well-respected Denturist in the profession, Cliff was born and raised in London, Ontario. He attended the University of Western Ontario and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1977. He studied Denturism at George Brown College in Toronto and began practicing as a Denturist in 1981. He also earned a fellowship in the Canadian Academy of Denturism and was twice selected as the Denturist of the Year by the Denture Association of Canada.

Cliff has been a longstanding member of The Denturist Association of Ontario and served on its Board of Directors. While continuing to practice, he has also served as Executive Director of the Association, and later as Registrar of the College of Denturists of Ontario.

Cliff Muzylowsky, Registered Denturist

After Cliff returned to full-time practice, he joined my team in 2011. Patients have found him to be a trustworthy, kind and a caring practitioner.

Cliff and his wife Linda moved from Toronto to become residents of Brantford in 2013. He enjoys living and working in Brantford and is pleased that he has replaced his hour-long commute with a ten-minute walk to the clinic. Cliff appreciates the feeling of belonging to a community that he has experienced since moving to Brantford.

In his off hours, Cliff enjoys time spent with his wife. His interests include reading, travel, scuba diving, and working in the garden.

Nancy Tomkins denture clinic

Our Services

We offer thorough oral assessments, comprehensive treatment options and written estimates. Our denture clinic in Brantford always strives to accommodate your needs in a welcoming setting.

And now that you have met my team a little about me…

Nancy Tomkins

Nancy Tomkins

Registered Denturist

I am a dental technician and a registered Denturist licensed by the College of Denturists of Ontario (Ministry of Health and Long-term Care).
I am also a health advocate. Making the important link of missing teeth and severely worn-down dentures to certain health issues has become a passion for me. Growing up I witnessed my mother Eleanor struggling with ill-fitting dentures and health issues related to not eating efficiently. It helped motivate me to become a Denturist.

Denturist Nancy Tomkins

As the principal Denturist and founder of the Nancy Tomkins and Associates Implant and Denture Clinic located in Brantford. I am passionate about delivering the highest quality of patient care that focuses on providing a full range of long-term denture and implant solutions to improve both oral and systemic health.

I graduated from George Brown College in Toronto with a dental technology diploma in 1983. I was encouraged to become a Denturist by a dentist I worked for. In 1986 I returned to college with special technical status and graduated with honours from the Denturism program in autumn 1987. In doing so, I became Ontario’s first woman to obtain both a dental technology and Denturism diploma and commenced my own private direct-to-the- public denture services.

I have lectured extensively internationally and across Canada, on the many clinical and technical aspects of precision denture fabrication, occlusal concepts and dental implants. I have been a consultant and lead implant overdenture instructor for Straumann Canada since 2002 and a long-standing member of the International Team of Implantology (ITI) located in Switzerland.

I believe in giving back to your community. I have been a very active member of the Denturist community and in the community of my hometown, Brantford.

After two years serving as a Board of Directors, I was honoured to be the 2009 Campaign Chair of the Brant United Way. It is a time I reflect upon fondly.

I have also served on the Board of Directors and as President of the Denturist Association of Ontario.

Nancy Tomkins and Teresa
Flowers at Nancy's denture clinic

My life partner Sandra Goergen and I co-founded the Canadian Denture Education Centre (CanDEC), which specializes in continuing education training for dental professionals worldwide in the many aspects of precision denture fabrication and dental implant overdentures.

I am a very proud mom of identical twin daughters. I have an eclectic taste in music, am an avid reader, enjoy golfing, gardening, yoga and expanding my knowledge in holistic health and natural approaches to maintaining good health.

Nancy Tomkins denture clinic

A Warm and Welcoming Environment

Nancy Tomkins Denture Clinic in Brantford is conveniently located at the corner of Charing Cross Street and St.Paul Avenue in a bright, fully wheelchair accessible clinic with ample free parking.

Fully certified and equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, we pride ourselves in offering our patients the absolute best in precision denture solutions in a warm and friendly environment.

No dentist referral necessary.